Baby Otter has decades of experience in the adaptive aquatic industry. We have trained and watched these children not only complete every level we teach successfully, but a few have gone on to compete in the Florida Special Olympics Swim Team.

Our instructors are the best in the industry and highly trained to work with these amazing children. With our loving ways, positive reinforcement, and continuity of our structured five consecutive day programs our success rate is very high!

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Layla Now





Swimming opened a whole new world for Indy. Not only did it open a whole new social outlet, Indy spoke his first words while in the pool. He loves being in the pool. His parents can’t get him out of the water now.  Swimming has truly been a very empowering experience….


Layla conquered her goals in five days and continued immediately onto our advanced levels and then moved right to our special needs swim team. Her love and understanding for swimming was just remarkable as she is now placing gold and silver in the Special Olympics swim team.


Thirteen years ago Grant graduated from our Turn, Kick, Reach class with flying colors. Alongside Layla, Grant has placed silver and gold in the special Olympic swim team.

His passion for swimming has made this young man very driven and committed to this sport.


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