Program Overview
Age: Adult
Setting: Private
Description: You are never too old to learn to swim. Whether you are a novice or advanced swimmer, we are here to help.
Special Needs Friendly?: Yes
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Whether you are a novice or advanced swimmer, we are here to help. You are never too old to learn to swim. We teach adult swim lessons in the comfort of your own pool or at a community pool near you.

We approach private adult swimming lessons with TLC.  Whether you have a fear of the water or just want to improve your swimming technique. we have decades of experience.  You just need the desire!

We had the privilege teaching baseball Hall of Famer, Andre “The Hawk” Dawson how to swim. Andre overcame his fear of the water and is now our national spokesperson.

Attention police cadets and firefighter candidates who need to pass their swimming test! We can make that happen in FIVE days.

Baby Otter is a traveling swim school. Wherever you are most comfortable, whether in your home pool or at a local community pool, that’s where we’ll teach your lesson. This ensures you have your best possible swim lesson experience.



“When I turned 50 I felt it was time to begin crossing off some of the things on my very long bucket list. #1 – learn how to swim.

After many years of trying, I lacked the confidence needed to take the leap and let go. I learned about the Baby Otter Swim School–obviously through a friend that had children. I met Marlene and Mindy at a class and they told me about their adult program where they offered private and group lessons. I went for the private lessons.

I started on Monday. The first day I floated holding on. The second day I let go By Wednesday I was doing the breathing techniques and by Friday, I was swimming across the pool. I haven’t stopped since. I love it and I owe it all to the Baby Otter Swim School. Thank you ladies, for your patience and for giving me the confidence to learn such a great water activity. Our encounter was brief, but the experience is everlasting.”

Addy G.- Virginia