Layla Now

Have you ever thought and wondered how these amazing Olympians that just finished their dreams, made it to where they were today? Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself “how did they get there”? Well we have, and they all started at the same place – as babies – learning the essential skills they first needed to survive in the water.

Everyone starts somewhere in life. You must start at the beginning to be able to end up at the finish line. Michael Phelps, Kelly Ledecky, Nathan Adrian and all the other Gold medalists all started with a survival program that taught them what to do if they fell into the water.

This is also how Miss. Layla started 8 years ago. One day, her mom Cate called our school to inquire about our Turn, Kick, Reach program. After being turned away from several schools due to the needs of her children – Cate and Baby Otter had an immediate connection. Upon receiving all the information she needed to make sure her daughter would be safe in and around the pool, Cate immediately signed both of her children up. Both, which are special needs. Layla and Indy (her brother) learned how to swim in just five short days. They were able to successfully save themselves if they fell into a body of water.

Being the amazing mommy Cate is, she took her mommy homework very seriously and practiced with her swimming scholars daily. Not only did both amazing kids join our special needs Swim Team here at Baby Otter back in 2009, but they were able to win a medal in all swim meets.

Today, Layla at the age 12 is now going to States as a gold medalist with the Special Olympics. Layla has been able to successfully beat the completion and win a medal with each and every race she enters.

Everyone starts at the same place – the beginning. Success comes from commitment and determination and Layla has proven to be just as successful and a true winner as Phelps, Ledecky and Adrian.