We are thrilled to be teaching South Florida television reporter Roxanne Vargas’ son! Thanks for sharing your journey Roxy! NBC 6 South Florida‪#‎turnkickreach‬ ‪#‎swimming‬.

Drowning is the le020ading cause of death in children under the age of Five in Florida. It’s vital that parents take notice of this drowning epidemic by teaching their children life saving skills.  Roxanne Vargas knew it was time for her child to learn since she had a pool and so did all of her relatives.  She was amazed how he learned so much each day. Follow Roxanne’s mommy diary as she shares her daily experience with her viewers.

Parents have a misconception that if their child cries they shouldn’t teach them to swim. Nothing could be further from the truth.  With our five day private program, our little swimmers learn a curriculum based program that teaches them using a very easy progression each day.  After the second day they start to realize they can do this and feel such a sense of accomplishment.  It’s truly remarkable to watch.

Swimming is a life skill that starts with survival lessons. Once a child masters those skills we move them onto more advanced lessons. Our programs are based on a one to one ratio which helps the instructors work with each child’s personality.

Knowing the Layers of Protection  prevents drowning incidents. Swimming lessons are one of the most important layers of protection.

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First day in the pool!
Julian practices more TurnKickReach
Last swim lesson