If your child fell into the water, would he or she know what to do? Would you?

The Baby Otter Swim School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, was founded to help ensure that your answer is “yes.”

Baby Otter Swim School teaches water survival training to children as young as three months old, as well as adults. But their services and products reach across the country.

“Drowning is an epidemic that this country has not yet embraced,” said Baby Otter Swim School founder Mindy York. Along with her business partner, Marlene Bloom, she founded the school to create awareness and teach water survival skills across the U.S. through its specialized Turn, Kick, Reach program.

Baby Otter Swim School’s master trainers are available to teach local swim instructors this specialized program, and are also qualified to teach people with special needs, including those with sight and hearing impairments, autism and Down’s Syndrome. The school is also dedicated to educating the public at large about the importance of drowning prevention.

In addition, the school has developed educational and safety products, including a DVD package that informs children and adults about poolside safety.